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Christina Boutrup

Leading China Analyst and Thought-Leader

Without any fanfare China is taking a quantum leap. In recent years it’s been experiencing a tech revolution that is set to shift the world’s balance of power and post COVID-19 Chinese companies are already creating new business models that will affect us all. Christina is a journalist, TV host and best-selling author of The Great Tech Revolution: How China is shaping our Future.


Speaker Biography

As a journalist, TV and radio host Christina has travelled extensively throughout China for over a decade. She has covered areas such as business, economy, environment and social issues, closely followed the global expansion of Chinese companies and frequently interviewed Alibaba’s Jack Ma.

Very few people are aware that Chinese businesses are global leaders in several important sectors that can shape our future. These sectors include drone technology, solar cells, mobile payment, social media, e-commerce and practical application of artificial intelligence.

Europe and the United States try to understand the digital future by looking toward Silicon Valley. Christina believes that focus should be diverted towards what is happening in China, which - with its 850 million internet users - is the world’s largest and most advanced digital economy.

She has been appointed to the China Expert Panel of the former Danish government and is also on the Advisory Board of ThinkChina.dk, a think tank of the University of Copenhagen.


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