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Dr Umang Patel

Clinical Director, Babylon

Speaker Themes

  • Innovation and Disruption

  • Purpose

About Dr Umang Patel

Dr Umang Patel sits on the executive team and oversees Babylon’s commercial and NHS relationships and is a wonderfully engaging, stimulating and accomplished speaker. He is also a practicing NHS Paediatrician at Frimley Park Hospital, in Hampshire.

Speaker Biography

Joining Babylon as a 10-person start up as the Clinical Director, Dr Umang was tasked with setting the foundation to allow safe, effective and personalised healthcare to become available to everyone, everywhere. Umang joined the NHS Leadership Academy as a Clinical Fellow in 2012. This set him on an alternative medical career path and he became Head of Clinical Transformation at Aviva UK Health where he was responsible for a series of new initiatives to improve the model of healthcare delivery.

Babylon is a super high growth start-up, founded in 2013 and is one of the world’s fastest growing health tech’s start-ups with 1300 employees and a multibillion-dollar valuation that has put AI, voice and data at the heart of its operations to provide the world’s best digital healthcare platform.

Babylon uses clinically developed AI within a smartphone app to help get the right patient, to the right care, at the best time to achieve good outcomes and deliver real value to health systems globally. It is one of the world’s most disruptive organisations in the healthcare space boasting 4 million users (patients) worldwide and became the UK's fastest ever growing NHS GP practice, and ranked “outstanding” for leadership by the regulator. In partnership with the NHS they proved that a digital-first primary care model can improve accessibility to 24/7 and reduce waiting times from days and weeks to minutes and hours.

The platform is increasingly being utilised during the COVID 19 crisis providing up to date information, access to trusted test kits and on hand experts to talk to people who suspect they have contracted the virus – all from the safety of their home.

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