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Steve Cadigan

Silicon Valley based Thought Leader, Advisor and Author

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  • Culture

  • Leadership in Uncertainty

  • Future of Work

About Steve

A former top LinkedIn HR executive and one of the world’s leading authorities on future of work and talent. Steve has worked with the likes of Amazon, Google, Twitter, Slack, and the BBC, and appeared on NBC, CNN and in the Harvard Business Review.

Speaker Biography

Steve’s background in HR and leadership development is impeccable. He is the former SVP Talent of LinkedIn, board member, keynote speaker and one of world’s leading authorities on future of work and talent on how to ensure your organisation culture survives and ultimately thrive in crisis and beyond.

COVID 19 has thrust the world of business into a completely unexpected new reality. Steve shares insights that will help you learn how to lead differently today, how to focus your team and identify your pain points in navigating the new reality as well as their solutions. Steve will help your leaders learn how to communicate and work together as a dispersed organisation. Steve will teach you ways to help your teams weather a highly uncertain current reality and future. He will help you see how you can use culture as a powerful weapon to calm and focus the team and inspire resiliency.  

Whilst at Linkedin Steve had to deal with a major security breach and the 2008 financial meltdown and was previously at the helm of HR for Cisco in Asia when the SARS pandemic struck and panic ensued. As such he brings an unparalleled breadth and experience of leading cultures through crisis.

Steve is frequently sought out as a talent expert on global TV and has been a regular guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes with his column Talent Hacking. He has been interviewed by Forbes, Bloomberg Business, SF Chronicle, Human Resource Executive Magazine, HR Magazine, Quartz, The Channel Company’s IT Best of Breed, Spain’s Expansion and El Pais, Colombia’s El Tiempo and Portafolio, and Mexico’s CNNExpansión, among others.

Steve has just released his debut book, Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working. In Steve's words...


"This book has been a passion project since the beginning. My only goal is to help both employees and employers prepare for the new future of work through honest conversation and the creation of better models of working. Using stories, research, and my own thirty years of experience, I believe I have crafted a compelling vision for the human-centered future of work in Workquake. And beginning today, this message will finally be in the public’s hands!"


It is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and his publisher Amplify Publishing.

“Without a doubt, Steve Cadigan is my #1 go-to for all things HR. While I was scalingTwitter, Steve was a great partner for vigorous discussions around strategy, priorities and emergency response! He takes a machete to the noise and gets right to the heart of the issue. What I found most redeeming (and unique) was Steve really held the philosophy that all business decisions are people decisions. He is wholly convinced that people are your greatest competitive advantage, and knows you build a great organisation by helping people do their best work. He's a role model, and my HR hero.”

Janet Van Buysse, VP of Human Resources, Twitter 

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