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Paul Campbell

Head of Digital Innovation at BAT and Lecturer at UC Berkley on Agile

Speaker Themes

  • Innovation and Disruption

  • Building Agility

  • Inside Silicon Valley

About Paul

A serial intrapreneur, advisor to World Economic Forum, lecturer at Berkley Paul and former Chief Innovation Officer for WL Gore & Associates – the legendary innovator behind Gore-Tex. He has recently taken up tenure at BAT as their Head of Digital Innovation where he has been tasked with taking the tobacco out of British American Tobacco – a radical transformation goal! 

Speaker Biography

Paul talks about how and why companies fail with new business creation because they don’t go far enough in assembling the right business model in support of the new product or technology.


Drawing upon his extensive experience of helping WL Gore & Associates reinvent how it innovated – training 100’s of associates in the lean start up methodology, creating a dedicated innovation centre, adopting agile working practices and The Agile Mindset course he delivers at Berkley, Paul has unparalleled experience of how agile can drive cumulative value creation for businesses through test and learn experimentation and collaboration. 

Paul talks about how an innovation centre can be the catalyst for adopting new techniques inside large companies by creating a place where experiments and new approaches to innovation are allowed; agile decision-making; how new technologies and business models from outside the company spur new growth opportunities inside; and how organisational structures support both agile decision-making yet tight links to core stakeholders across the company.

Long before Eric Ries wrote his book, Paul has been practicing lean innovation as a critical tool to unlock great technologies from inside the labs of large companies.  By applying lean innovation principles that address the unique environment inside corporations, great ideas are unblocked and turn into large growth businesses. Paul has created a customer training curriculum on lean innovation that all innovation, technology and business leaders attended to ensure that the practice was adopted and far-reaching.

"Adrian really engaged and inspired our leaders.  Along with the support he
has provided through Connect and Wavelength USA this has moved on our
thinking about leadership and purpose massively.  He did a tremendous job
at bringing together lessons from a really broad range of highly successful
leaders. The blend of examples and stories helps people to absorb the ideas
and think about application.  And the session was also really entertaining!"

Francis Lake, Head of Executive & Leadership Development and Talent, Clydesdale Yorkshire Building Society

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