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Catherine Garrod Compelling Culture diversity inclusion engagement OVER PURPLE HIGH

Catherine Garrod

Founder of Compelling Culture and Former Head of  Inclusion at Sky

Speaker Themes

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Culture

About Catherine

Catherine is a leading expert in culture change and how you can combine the power of employee engagement, communications, diversity and inclusion. She is the former Head of Inclusion at Sky and during her tenure led the organisation to be the most inclusive employer with 80% of teams increasing diversity both on and off screen.

Speaker Biography

Catherine Garrod is the founder of Compelling Culture and author of Conscious Inclusion: How to ‘do’ EDI one decision at time publishing April 2023. And she lives by this quote “Unless you’re consciously including people, you’re almost certainly unconsciously excluding people.”


Catherine works with organisations to boost the experience for colleagues, customers and communities. She believes when employees can be themselves and influence how things are done, their lives are better, they're more creative and better problem solvers. And when consumers are authentically represented in media, products and services, organisations and the communities they serve thrive.


Rather than top-down change initiatives involving huge teams, Catherine advocates for combining skill and will to guide people in their everyday thinking.


Previously, Catherine led Sky to become the Most Inclusive Employer in the UK, with 80% of teams increasing their diversity. Now as a consultant she combines the power of listening, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, to make the complex simple. And collaborates to define practical actions people can implement today, tomorrow and the day after, to transform the organisations she works with. And clients using her inclusion diagnostic are achieving a 15% improvement within 18 months.


Catherine is straight talking, full of energy and empowers people, already passionate about what they do. Her superpower is absorbing an organisation's ambition and providing a compelling plan everyone can get behind, with departmental reporting to track progress in every team. Her approach to culture change combines the power of employee engagement, communications, diversity and inclusion. And she makes the complex simple with practical action people can implement today, tomorrow and the day after.


When every voice is heard, every person is empowered and everybody takes action, the outcomes are extraordinary.

Catherine's book: is out in April 2023 “Conscious Inclusion: How to 'do' EDI one decision at a time”


More information available at

"Catherine joined as a keynote speaker on one of our webinars. She is a truly engaging presenter and positioned her advice and knowledge perfectly to the audience. 


Catherine has been a brilliant to support to Bupa UK Insurance and we look forward to continuing to work together." 

Mark Allan, General Manager Business and Specialist Products, UK Insurance, BUPA

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