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Dr Aravind Srinivasan

Director of Projects, Aravind Eye Care System

Speaker Themes

  • Purpose

  • Personal Leadership

About Dr Srinivasan

A top leader at the iconic Aravind Eye Care System, the world’s largest eye care provider. No other organisation combines such clarity of purpose (to eliminate needless blindness) with world-beating operational excellence, productivity, and profitability to achieve social impact at staggering scale. Harvard and Wharton have both done case studies.


Speaker Biography

We believe Aravind Eye Care system is one of the world’s finest organisations. Its purpose is to eliminate needless blindness. No other organisation on earth combines such clarity of purpose with world beating operational excellence, productivity and profitability to achieve social impact at staggering scale.

Since inception in 1976, by a 57 year-old retired ophthalmologist – Aravind Eye Care System has treated over 62m patients and performed 7m eye surgeries – 50% for free or significantly subsidised rates whilst transforming the lives tens of thousands of young women who they recruit, train and educate.

Their productivity levels are 5 x the norm, their infection rates are the least in the world, they control 10% of the global intra ocular lens market and their profitability averages 39% EBITDA.

These metrics are achieved via an organisation culture that is the embodiment of humility, dignity and respect, a service model that includes the excluded and an open source business model that enables others to join them in achieving their purpose of
‘To eradicate Needless Blindness’.

World class purpose. World Class productivity. World class profitability. World Class culture. World class Social impact.

At the heart of the organisation is Dr Aravind Srinivasan. He is an eye surgeon with a passion for management and works with other stakeholders to keep innovating and executing a purpose driven culture that is progressive and inclusive. He also opened and now leads the new facility in Chennai.


Dr Aravind shares the story of this incredible organisation and how their purpose drives everything they do.  He is passionate about helping leaders to take reflection and make it possible for them to transform by harnessing the the power of status and ‘platform’ to help find a greater purpose.

"Every time I work with the SpeakersHub team, I'm blown away by the quality of people on their roster and the access they have to a who's-who of innovative, provocative and leading edge thinkers and leaders.  If you want to build knowledge and get insight from people who are at the very top of the latest thinking and leaders in their field then Sarah and the team are the people to talk to."

Jeremy Phillips-Powell, Group Talent Director, Rentokil Initial

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