Peter Lisbygd

China Expert, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Speaker Themes

  • Innovation and Disruption

  • Sustainability

  • Inside China

About Peter

Peter has an incredibly in-depth understanding of Chinese conditions and in recent years with a special focus on the country’s explosive development within technology, new digital business models and China ́s green transformation.

Speaker Biography

China is already the world's largest digital economy around one billion internet users. It is also the world's most populous country with 1.4 billion inhabitants, and the huge amounts of data seem to be the country's biggest competitive advantage. China has now become the world's algorithm factory, and Chinese companies are leaders in the practical application of artificial intelligence. An ambitious goal has been set for the country to be a world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. The aim is to use the country's enormous amount of data and artificial intelligence to bring itself safely into the 4th industrial revolution, and they are well on their way.


•What does the rapid development within the use of data and artificial intelligence mean for the rest of the world?


•What ethical dilemmas do they pose to us?

•Can we use artificial intelligence to increase productivity in our society while increasing the quality of life at the same time?


Peter shares new insight and knowledge about a very crucial area that will, among other things, affect all industries, our healthcare, public administration, and the green transition.

Peter appears regularly in media, where he analyses the development of leading Chinese companies.

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